Home renovation electrical safety tips.

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Whether your home improvement project has been something you’ve dreamed of doing for years or a more ‘spur of the moment’ decision, your renovation will go a lot more smoothly if you take the time to plan it properly. Bathrooms and kitchens are the most expensive rooms to renovate so it pays to get it right the first time.

Aside from your builder, an electrician will also be employed for home renovation work. Accredited Master Electricians deliver the highest levels of quality, electrical safety, integrity, and energy advice. Each Accredited Master Electrician’s business is certified according to stringent standards, and members must adhere to a strict code to retain their Accredited Master Electricians status. You can count on an Accredited Master Electrician to be reliable, safe, honest, and informed, and to perform work that exceeds your expectations.

Below is a list of steps that you, as a home renovator, should follow to ensure that your renovations are safe and meet all the legal requirements.

  1. Any electrical renovations done must meet current Australian Standards. All electrical work must meet or exceed Australian Standard 3000:2007 (Wiring Rules) which came into effect in June of 2008
  2. There are a number of legal requirements that must be followed when designing rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor areas with pools and spas. These rooms have a number of zones that, due to electricity and water not mixing, limit the types of devices that may be installed. It is better to be proactive and have an electrician help with your design to ensure it complies with legislation
  3. There is a large range of energy efficient items that can be incorporated into your home that will help you to conserve energy and save you money. Look for low voltage fittings, compact fluorescent lamps and water saving devices.
  4. All electrical contractors need to be licensed and carry a minimum of $5 million Public Liability. To check if your contractor is licensed, check with your states govt. Fair Trading or Fair Work Australia.
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